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Making My Parents Proud, June 2014


Although she dabbled in acting as a kid, Kat Kirkpatrick did not begin her acting “career” until she hit middle age. Like everyone else in Los Angeles, she signed up for an improv class as a ploy to escape her wife/mother/bottlewasher role one evening each week.  Improv led to stand-up, sketch, and a burning desire to join the world’s most impractical profession. “Why not?”, she thought. “I already live in LA. Isn’t that half the battle?”

Something like that.

Currently, Kat studies at Lesly Kahn Studios in Hollywood. In addition to acting and comedy, Kat spends a lot of time writing. She overshares with readers around the globe on her popular blog, Beyond the Salad Days. Kat also writes a variety of characters and scripted material, which she hopes will eventually make someone laugh. Finally, Kat enjoys trying things in which she has zero skill or training, like producing sketch comedy. You can catch her sketch group, The Ice Cream Social Job, on YouTube.

Born and raised in the midwest, Kat is described one part Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall” and one part long-lost member of the Bluth family. She’s also referred to as “that mom who doesn’t always get it right,” “that lady who always loses her keys,” and “the neighbor who always walks her dog in her pajamas.” 

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